City Gate: The ideal mixed development destination

City Gate can be termed as anything but just not a plain shopping mall catering only to the needs of the shopaholics and window shoppers. It is indeed more than just a regular mall that you find coming up at every place you go to. This particular mall as well as condo has a comfortable spa, a multiplex and more importantly the largest kinetic fountain to be placed outdoors in all of Asia.

city gate the ideal mixed development destination


As you may have already heard that the mall provides you with huge amounts of discounts. Hence you will definitely grow tired at the end of all that shopping. Hence the really comfortable spa is definitely a spot which you may visit at the end of your shopping madness. All the tired shoppers can relax at the end of the day after the shopping is completed. The spa has a special aromatherapy counter where you can absolutely rejuvenate yourself.


The location of the mall is such that you will get to the transport system of the district very fast from City Gate. The different outlets of the mall are situated at very close distance to the international airport and hence you can even indulge in some last minute shopping and make yourself happy.
The complex is just a perfect destination for tourists to pay a visit to. With the close proximity of the airport, this is one of the first destinations in Singapore which you will come across as a tourist, right after stepping out of the airport.

All said and done, you will not stay in the mall of course; you will require a hotel to stay in. The different good quality as well as affordable hotel rooms is available very close to the City Gate mall. The rates of the rooms for each night in this hotels start from 200 dollars.