Success of the Lake Grande

Singapore is the well known country to live and the government has stated that the developments of the rural areas should be done. The development authority has stated in 2008 to transform the conditions of the Jurong Lake and it’s nearby. It was thus decided to develop the area. The Jurong district already contains the Jurong Lake which has its own beauty. The two successful projects in the Jurong district have been the J gateway and Lakeville which have been done by the company MCL land. The success of the two projects has made it important for them to start with the lake Grande condo.

success of the lake grande

Project Lake Grande condo

The project is to develop the residence area for the world class people with great amenities and it is situated right in front of the Jurong Lake. Many developers have bid on the project and the land MCL Land won the Urban Redevelopment Authority land sale for Lake Grande Launch with an offer price of $338.1 million. So this company knows the market more than other developers as they bided. The plan for the Lake Grande condo is very great as it contains 6 blocks and the building are of 16 storeys. The building contains the 1 to 5 bedroom houses and also the penthouse.

Lake Grande condo has become the attraction point for the investors and many of them have started investing in it. Each and every house is developed such that the house has the clear view of the Jurong Lake. Along with the houses the area is developed with the great amenities needed. Whether we talk about transportation, grocery or entertainment, it is possible to get all of them at the Jurong district. The science center has also been relocated and it now contains more advance facilities and it is an entertainment point for the children.