The Rare Authentic Beauty – The Peak at Shangri La

The experience for travelling for leisure or work is always refreshing. Exploring new places and meeting new friends, trying some awesome delicacies is a wish of everyone. What makes your travel trips even more exciting is the stay at a beautiful, luxurious hotel which never fails to awe you with its services. Shangri La hotels and resorts which are based in Hong Kong is one of the leading chains of luxury hotels in Asia Pacific. The management and ownership of the hotel is one the finest and so are there services. The exquisite features and interesting characteristics of The Peak at Shangri La is what makes it guest completely fall in love with it.

the rare authentic beauty the peak at shangri la

Legendary Flashback:

In 1971, the tremendous story of Shangri La started in Singapore with the first opening of its deluxe hotel. It is said that the legendary land which was featured in the novel of James Hilton, named ‘Lost Horizon’, published in 1933 has been the inspiration of Shangri La and so the serenity and service of its hotels and resorts are renowned everywhere.

The Story Today:

Today Shangri La hotel group has expanded to Asia Pacific, the Middle East, Europe and North America with a total count of ninety one hotels and resorts which they are managing and/or owning. The Peak at Shangri La is in the elite group in Cambodia and also holds the tag of being the most prominent and tallest landmark in the serene city of Phnom Penh having exactly fifty five storeys.

A Peep in Future:

As far as the development and growing of the roots of Shangri La hotel group is concerned, it is already under the development process of bringing up hotels in Philippines, India, Myanmar, Sri Lanka, Qatar and Mainland China. The affordability feature and quality of The Peak at Shangri La along with its rare luxury service is par excellence.